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God is good, all the time!

Motivation Monday – For with God, nothing shall be impossible.

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Happy Monday! On Tuesday, August 30th – we have Hello, Goodbye and our sleepover! Stay tuned for more details and for permission forms.

Motivation Monday – The Bible Says “Trust God”

Happy Monday, YM Fam! Good luck to all those with exams in the upcoming weeks. Tomorrow night, June 14th, we have a “Study Night” so bring your own textbooks and notes. We will have group study and silent study for those who need a place to study!

Vacation Bible School

Want to help out with Vacation Bible School this year? If you are in Grades 7 – 12, you are welcome to join the VBS team! Please click the following link to find out more information on how to join: VBS Volunteer Information

Motivation Monday – No Pressure, Just Blessings

First Monday of June! You are almost at the end of the school year, keep pushing through!!

Ps. Bible Talk on the Dock is happening tomorrow/Tuesday, June 7th. Be sure to get dropped off and picked up at Garry Point. NO ONE will be at St. Joe’s!
Just Blessings

Motivation Monday – God has always been taking care of you

First Monday after retreat!! Motivation Monday posts are back! Don’t forget about this important newsflash. We hope you all have a wonderful week.

Motivation Monday – God Will Tell Us the Way

Happy Monday! Get your retreat forms in – only a few weeks away from the big weekend!



Faith-full Friday: You Do Matter

Happy Friday!
April 8

Motivation Monday: Jesus & Burdens

Hey all! Happy Monday – just a little reminder to lift up your prayers and worries, struggles, concerns, hurts all up to Jesus and let him give you his Hand.

Also, tomorrow night (Tues. March 8th) is our Around the World in One Dinner night! Please bring a family favourite dish to share with everyone. Be ready to share the ingredients and why you love it. We’ll also be welcoming our Syrian teen to her first Youth Ministry night, what better way to welcome her by introducing her to our multicultural Youth Ministry family! We hope to see you there at 7pm in the school!

Jesus and Burdens

Tuesday Night: High Five

Hey YM Fam! Come out to Youth Ministry tonight for High Five! Have you heard about the new five finger prayer? It was new to us too! Come find out and learn about this new form of prayer! See you all at 7pm in the school.

Motivation Monday + What is Love?

Happy Monday! We hope you had a great weekend. Come out to “What Is Love?” tomorrow night, February 16th at 7pm to find out what love is. You’ll also be able to identify where love is in all of your relationships.

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